FX Terpenes - REMEDY – For Pain & Inflammation (0%THC)

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FX Terpenes

Terpenes are the naturally occurring chemical compound (think: essential oils) found in the hemp plant that is responsible for various effects.  They are not THC and do not provide any hallucinogenic or “high” or euphoric effect.  Rather, they merely accentuate the feelings as described by their title.  For instance, the “CHILL” terpene is the terpene responsible for relaxing muscles and allowing for a calmer mind.  Each title describes the terpene’s effect.

It only takes 2-3 drops per full vaporizer or bowl.  And, you can use these terpenes on any item you wish.  Each bottle is sold and ships separately.  Each bottle has 1.6ml of terpenes and is approx 65-75 drops.

Ingredients (0.6ml):  Natural Terpenes.
(Chill – Linalool)
(Imagine – Linalool, Pinene)
(Remedy – beta-Caryophyllene, Pinene, beta-Myrcene)
(Sandman – Linalool, Myrcene)
(Think – Limonene, Pinene)
(Touch – Linalool, beta-Caryophyllene)

FX Terpenes are a great add on for those wishing to heighten a particular effect as provided by the terpene blend.

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FX Terpenes - REMEDY – For Pain & Inflammation (0%THC), Terpenes,Oregon Blue Label